SMART Tracking & Analytics™

Instantaneous Tracking and Analysis on Every Order

Consolidated Tracking information available at all times with ETA visibility for every member of your company.

AMP’s smart tracking module allows every member of your company to visualize all of your order’s ETA at all time.

Your operation needs to have visibility of all the material in transit at all time in order to plan your critical path accordingly. We consolidate that information for you with live ETA.

PO Acknowledge Shipping Information Pick Up by Carrier In Transit Delivered Carrier and Tracking number Real-time ETA
PO Acknowledge Shipping Information Carrier and Tracking number Pick Up by Carrier In Transit Delivered


  • Priority-based, real-time SMART Tracking
  • Complete visibility of order status for every person in your company
  • Proactive follow-up on any potential issues
  • Instant deal analysis
  • The right data to optimize go-forward strategy and decision making