SMART Purchasing™

Gain a World of C&E Materials at Your Fingertips

Automated access to the largest network of suppliers –instantaneously identifying the best products at the best prices with the best deliveries.

The traditional supply chain process is complicated & time consuming

  • Difficult to identify the best suppliers
  • Slow response to quote requests
  • Lengthy PO processing
  • Multiple communication channels
  • Burdensome supplier management

SMART Purchasing brings the Supply Chain into the 21st Century.

Your ERP AMP Smart Purchasing World Material Request Notification of Source Identified PO Placement Shipment & Tracking Receipt Data Invoicing

Our innovative SMART Purchasing technology gives aviation C&E buyers automated, unparalleled access to the largest network of OEM suppliers and instantly identifies the best options available.

  • RFQ’s Simplified

  • Access to the Largest Network of Qualified Suppliers

  • Proprietary Algorithms that Instantly Provides You with the Top 3 Options to Meet Your Request

  • Automated PO placement that saves time and resources

  • Optional SMART Tracking solutions that automatically follow-up on your orders and ensure on-time delivery

  • Optional ERP integration powered by Aeroxchange

Make the World Your Warehouse

“Aeroman has been working closely with AMP in order to provide increased availability of parts onsite, which adds value to our customers in terms of aircraft throughput.”


We automate the obvious, so you can focus on the meaningful.

AMP has revolutionized C&E materials purchasing in the aviation industry.

  1. 100%

    PO Cycle Visibility

  2. 90%+

    Automation of quoting, source selection and order placement

  3. 100%

    EDI PO Cycle

AMP SMART Purchasing solutions makes it easy.

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