Customer Integration as a Differentiated Business Tool

By Carlos Madrid

If economist Michael Porter, known for his theory stating that “competitiveness in an industry depends on the capacity of the industry to innovate and upgrade,” was to define a recipe for success, he would surely list technology development as a primary activity that is absolutely essential to create value for customers.

Likewise, with the omnipresence of technology in everyday life, the harmonization of different technologies has become a central axis point for doing business. As such, a corporate Integration function must be part of  the strategic plan in any comprehensive customer proposal. 

At AMP, we understand the importance of making our technology compatible to achieve the greatest efficiencies and value for our customers, and we have an Integration Team fully dedicated to this effort. Team operations are based on core pillars designed to foster and maintain winning customer relationships, including:

  • A People-First Approach: A “point of contact” at both companies is established to expedite inquiries, requests and the fulfillment of needs through face-to-face, flexible communication channels.
  • Process Integration: Success starts with understanding the customer’s processes, and then harmonizing them with AMP’s processes.
  • Systems Alignment: AMP’s Integration Team leads efforts to synchronize customers’ different systems with our own so that customers can optimize key supply chain indicators (e.g. span time) according to their needs.
  • Continuous Support: Although integration occurs in a specific timeframe, the AMP Integration Team is always available to customers throughout the relationship and is empowered to communicate critical information to collaborators as situations dictate. 
  • Proof of Concept: AMP ensures that customers have the necessary information and team interaction to feel confident about the advantages of working with us prior to any actual monetary investment. This helps guarantee that implementation will meet expectations.

In addition, our Integration team goes the extra mile with:

  • A Proactive Approach: We anticipate potential customer needs and problems before they are even aware of them. 
  • Individualized and Flexible Thinking:  We understand that each customer is unique and may have different needs and expectations, and we adjust strategy accordingly..
  • Exceptional Customer Service. We are committed to customer service that exceeds expectations and helps ensure long-term satisfaction.

AMP recognizes that technological advancement goes hand in hand with working face-to-face with our customers. With this in mind, Integration is one of our key departments. While we start with powerful technology, it’s the knowledge, flexibility, adaptability and collaborative nature of our people that enable us to create even more value with these solutions and to achieve the best outcomes for our customers. People are what truly set AMP apart. 

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